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In 1955 the Lake Shore Hospital District was created.

On July 10, 1963, the Lake Shore Hospital Authority was established and is governed by a special act of Florida Legislature, Chapter 63-1247 of the Laws of Florida as amended by Chapter 72-509, Laws of Florida, and by any future amendments to said law. View Chapter 2005-315 (the Enabling Act of the District) by clicking the button below.
Chapter 2005-315       Lake Shore Hospital History

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The Lake Shore Hospital Authority is a special purpose, independent special district of the State of Florida. Accordingly, it is controlled by the Florida Constitution and various Florida statutes as well as its enacting legislation and authority policies.

Lake Shore Hospital Authority Board

Today the LSHA Board consists of seven members who are residents of Columbia County and who are appointed by the Governor.

The term of office for each appointed trustee is four years. The trustees give of their time and talents without compensation. Click here to read more about our governing board. Original Lake Shore Hospital Authority Board Members:

  • J.M. Carter, Appointed 9/19/63
  • Walter M. Hackney, Jr., Appointed 4/6/64
  • David W. Maxwell, Reappointed 4/1/62
  • D.B. Odom, Reappointed 4/1/62
  • Leon E. Summers, Reappointed 7/20/64

Maxwell, Odom, and Summers had served previously for the LSH District and were reappointed to the Authority.

Shands Lake Shore Hospital Then

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