LSHA Strategic Plan Goals

The central components of the Strategic Plan are the six goals presented below. These goals will guide the actions of the Hospital Authority over the five year period covered by the plan.

Each of the Strategic Plan goals are connected to one or more of the long-term goals of the Authority. They are tailored to allow the Authority to fulfill its mission and achieve its vision for the hospital.

LSHA Strategic Plan
Exhibit fiscal responsibility in the assessment and management of hospital funds and resources.
Increase the capacity of the hospital to expand and enhance services through property acquisitions and development.

Increase the capacity of the hospital to expand and enhance its medical options through strategic building construction.

Create an environment for expansion and enhancement of medical services by renovating existing hospital structures.

Actively contribute to community enhancement and regional development.

Collaborate with Shands to achieve recognition as a regional source for high quality, comprehensive medical services.

Each of the Strategic Plan goals has a set of underlying objectives that delineate what must be accomplished to reach them. A detailed listing of the goals and objectives are presented in the Strategic Plan document.